Fred Daoud - 2006-01-13

Hi David,

Thanks for adding a link to FunctionalJ in your JGA links page and for posting in the FunctionalJ forum.

I've added you as a Moderator in the FunctionalJ forums, so, if you wish, you can add a new post with your corrections, and delete your previous post. Or you could edit your post..? I'm not yet sure if that will work..?

In any case, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your comments, suggestions, and general attitude, because I feel there is a value, not to be overlooked, to people like you who discuss issues in a constructive manner, who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise, and help others learn. There will always be some who spend their time saying "this sucks" or even "you suck", and we can complain about those types of people; but I think it's more important to congratulate those people who do not behave in this way and provide time and effort to collaborate with others.

I think I've mentioned this before but I hadn't seen JGA before, despite searching on Google; perhaps I did not use the correct search terms. That's a shame. I've added a link to my personal bookmarks, and think it would be worthy to do as you have, i.e. add a section on my project's web site with links to similar works.

As much as I wouldn't like duplicating existing work, perhaps our projects can co-exist, with their similarities and differences, much like, for example, so many web application frameworks manage to co-exist.

Thanks again David for your interest and your feedback, I appreciate it. I look forward to discussing these and other issues in the software development field with you.

Happy coding,

Frederic Daoud