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Posted by Christoph 2013-10-24

FullSync 0.10.2 has been released

  • Improved the formatting of the Size column in the Task Decision dialog.
  • Slightly reduced memory consumption.
  • Updated French translations special thanks to farvardin.
Posted by Christoph 2013-09-02

FullSync 0.10.0 has been released

  • FullSync now works properly on Windows 7 (and Vista) with UAC enabled(which it is by default)
  • 64bit support (in the Linux packages, or in the zip download package for Windows and Linux)
  • initial attempt at mac support (needs testers!)
  • public key authentication for SFTP connections
  • profiles and preferences are now stored in a per user directory (C:\Documents and Settings....config\fullsync, C:\Users....config\fullsync, or ~/.config/fullsync)
Posted by Christoph 2012-12-10

FullSync 0.9 released

A new version of this flexible, multi-platform synchronization, update and backup tool has been released providing you samba connection support, two-way synchronization, initial german and italian localizations and more stability.

Posted by Jan Kopcsek 2005-02-01

FullSync 0.8 released

FullSync has gone a major step forward in providing you a handy and compact tool for all your synchronization needs like website publishing, backup or standard two-way synchronization.
The application now looks way better and got some nice new features like a nicely working scheduler, backup/exact copy synchronization modes and remote connection, as well as an much easier "Simple Ruleset" which allows you to start using fullsync much faster.
Just visit http://fullsync.sourceforge.net/ and see yourself ! Feedback is welcome :)

Posted by Jan Kopcsek 2004-12-12

FullSync Preview released

This is the first release of FullSync, a multiplatform, multipurpose synchronization tool. Website publishing and updating works in this version on local file system, via ftp and sftp. This is a preview release, so there are many bugs left and it looks a little unfinished. Just download, unzip and try! please read release notes for information on how to set up a synchronization. FullSync aims to become a completely customizable tool for synchronization purposes like website publishing and updating, file synchronization and backup. it provides flexible rules, an expandable api and a memory to detect changes on filesystems.
feedback is welcome :)

Posted by Jan Kopcsek 2004-08-22

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