• MichaelWoy

    MichaelWoy - 2006-02-20

    Thanks for the nice program. 
    Because my Webserver modifies the time of filecreation, I tried to write a syncrule with:
        DEFINE SYNC "date > date"
    But the only thing that works is "date != date".
    Please, can you help me?


    • Jan Kopcsek

      Jan Kopcsek - 2006-06-11

      You are synchronizing with an FTP server?

      If yes, use publish/update please, its the only sync mode that handles the special problems that ftp has. For more details look here:
      and/or here:

      Sorry, its a bit boring the write the same plenty of times :D

    • Dominique JG

      Dominique JG - 2006-12-08

      I have similar problem but somehow different.
      I use a server mapped as a network drive to do my backup. So at first I just dragged and dropped all files from my local to the server. Now when I run FullSync it is telling me that 30% of my files had been changed.
      Though I did not see a problem in the creation/modification dates nor size.

      Then using another opensource software, WinMerge to compare the 2 directories, I found out that those file had a difference of about 1 sec in the modification time!!
      But Winmerge has this nice option "Ignore time differences smaller than 3 sec"... and the problem vanishes...

      So if this "Ignore time differences smaller than 3 sec" option could be inserted that would make me happy. For the moment, I cannot use it like this and Winmerge has no scheduling (purpose is comparaison of documents and directory, not back-up)...

      Thank you


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