Performing backup via command line

Sina Salek
  • Sina Salek

    Sina Salek - 2009-07-03

    I wanted to know if it's possible to execute FullSync and run a task via command line. So i can use it in batch files and windows built-in scheduling functionality.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sina Salek

      Sina Salek - 2009-07-03

      It seems that it's possible but the provided link "" no longer exists?!
      Has it moved to a new location?

  • Markus

    Markus - 2013-04-05

    What about this thread? I would be interested in CL parameters, too - or is there a way to install FullSync as a Windows service?

  • Christoph

    Christoph - 2013-04-06

    usage: fullsync [-hvrdp]
    -a,--password <passwd> password for incoming connections
    -d,--daemon disables the gui and runs in daemon mode
    with scheduler
    -h,--help this help
    -m,--minimized starts fullsync gui in system tray
    -P,--profiles-file <filename> uses the specified file instead of
    -p,--remoteport <port> accept incoming connection on the
    specified port or 10000
    -r,--run <profile> run the specified profile
    -v,--verbose verbose output to stdout

    does that help?


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