FullSync eating up loads of memory

  • kojaq

    kojaq - 2014-06-05

    I never thought FullSync would be so hungry on memory. While running a selective backup sync job via smb on a folder with 500k+ elements the app is eating up over 1Gb of memory, and a noticeable amount of CPU cycles.
    I'm ok with that, slightly inconvenient, but ok. But on odd occasion I get a java error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded. I SUSPECT this is an error that occurs when the PC runs out of virtual memory. Now I've 4Gb of ram, usually at least 2Gb free all the time. Currently assigned swap file size is 6Gb.
    And the thing is running out of memory.
    Any suggestions? Ideas?
    I'm using the 64bit one, version 0.10.2

    UPDATE: While writing this post FullSync has just crashed, like - vanished, closed on its own.
    I wasn't able to successfully finish a single large sync job.

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  • Christoph

    Christoph - 2014-06-08

    1GiB/500k ~= 2147Bytes that does not sound very unrealistic to me.
    The default limit of memory for FullSync on 64bit Windows is 50% so if java got close to that the GC limit would eventually be hit.
    FullSync creates a logfile in $HOME/.config/fullsync/fullsync.log (also on Windows) the content of that file would be interesting after FullSync crashed.

    Increasing the amount of memory available to FullSync may help avoid your problem. You can do that by editing fullsync64.ini inside the fullsync installation directory changing vm.heapsize.max.percent and vm.heapsize.preferred.



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