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P Cause
  • P Cause

    P Cause - 2013-02-27

    Just found this and it looks very promising. I set up an sftp sync and ran and it shows a lot of changes between the 2 directories. I can open the local and remote in winscp and see that the timestamps and sizes are identical. Any thoughts on what is wrong?

  • P Cause

    P Cause - 2013-02-28

    Figured it out but no fix. In winscp the file times match but in fullsync they don't. tried filezilla and I see a file time difference. filezilla has a time offset setting in the advanced tab of the session manager for a site. apparently, winscp can figure out the difference and adjust, filezilla can't. think fullsync needs a way to set an offset since it doesn't adjust automatically.

  • Christoph

    Christoph - 2013-03-01

    Yeah I'm looking into that.

  • P Cause

    P Cause - 2013-03-03

    thanks so much. winscp has an option, in the environment settings, to adjust remote system to local time. you can download the source and see how it is done.

    once I have this fix think this is the best

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