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  • Jan Kopcsek

    Jan Kopcsek - 2005-05-27

    Hi folks,

    it looks like this little program is getting more and more users, which makes us very happy. sadly, there wasn't much time to spend on this project during the last months... we both are busy doing many other things which seem more important. my study is getting more time consuming, some company needs things to get written and built and so on. michele got some time consuming personal stuff which is (or was?) keeping him awake and busy all day ;).

    i'll try to set up a wiki so you can support fullsync by helping building up some better and more detailed documentation if you want to. the problem is that many questions you are posting here or sending per email are the same and this could save us/me quite some time. i mean, i'm happy to explain stuff about this nice tool, but sometimes it's getting boring to write the same 3 times. so, erm... please apologize if i don't answer your mails that fast...

    additionally i set up some press releases page on the homepage (hehe, yes there are some :D) and a donation page. you know, we aren't some greedy monsters from hell or something, but still we are investing pretty much time into this project and it's rather disappointing how many of you really appreciate this work. of course donation is not the only way to support this project, we are happy about wiki extensions (if the wiki is up some day), patches and large "thank you"s as well, but donation is also a good way to support ;).

    lets see what we have planned. at the moment michele is trying to replace the j2ssh lib with jsch. there were some problems with j2ssh and it's kinda abandoned so i guess jsch will be the better choice for the future. then he is interested in building some advanced rule wizard, so you can build more complex rules easily. i myself tend to be more interested in stabilzing the core of the application and extracting modules and so on. this will bring all the nifty features like "cancel/pause/resume synchronisation process", way better error reporting ("file can not be copied because it's used by another application") and will allow better extension of the application core like more sync types (i think about some "check local files against buffer/registry file and don't even touch the destination before finding changes"... this will speed up publish/update A LOT).
    and of course bugfixing, mini-feature adding and so on.

    this might sound like the app is getting the best on the planet in a few weeks, but... erm... i don't expect having much time for it anytime soon... in august i should find some :-/ sorry for that...  still i hope to be able fix the most important bugs Soon (tm).

    that's it, i guess.
    stay tuned for the wiki, tell us about what features you would be very much interested in and... have fun using fullsync ;)

    Jan Kopcsek

    • Anton Hughes

      Anton Hughes - 2005-11-09

      Thanks Jan

      you guys have done a really great job - this app is great!

      Hope you guys keep working on it.

      Is it possible to get the source code? I would be interested in working on it too, and I'm sure there would be others who would too.


    • Jan Kopcsek

      Jan Kopcsek - 2005-11-15

      thanks for these kind words. The source code is available in the sourceforge cvs. I don't know for sure, but it might be quite unstable, sadly. there are some neat changes in already, but not too much tested. additionally i have some more changes locally that i want to incooperate whenever it's possible. it is currently not possible as i am waiting for some other lib (Apache VFS) to do some changes. You see, i'm planning to replace some protocols like SFTP with their implementation, but the authorisation mechanism sucks at the moment ;).

      Feel free to contact me via mail if you have ideas, time and energy to put into this project.


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