FullSync not great, here are alternatives

  • gimped

    gimped - 2006-09-23

    I have been trying fullsync for awhile now, on 2 Windows computers and 1 Linux computer.  I find there are odd inconsistencies with synchronizing files and folders.  Sometimes things are missed.  I cannot make heads or tails of what is causing this as there is no common link between the files being missed.

    I also find that the project does not come with much support other than a few users in the forums.  Nor does the project seem very active.

    It's a pity though.  This is almost one of the best pieces of backup software out there.

    I've given up on FullSync and would like to post some free of cost alternatives for other users
    - Capivara (hosted on sourceforge)
    - SyncToy (An MS powertoy for windows only)
    - SyncBack (Windows only, has free and pro version)

    I have not tried these next ones, but they could be worth checking out:
    - SnazzyBackup (sourceforge, OS independant)
    - Areca Backup (sourceforge, OS independant)
    - WinBackup (sourceforge, Windows only)
    - SnapBackup.com (MultiOS, freeware license)

    • Jan Kopcsek

      Jan Kopcsek - 2007-02-16

      Well yes, what can i say. I am quite sorry that it is deep-frozen currently and sadly i don't see this change very soon. My study is going into the final stages and other projects are eating up the remaining time. So lets just hope that one funny day Miky and/or I get lots of time to put into this nice project ;). Until then I will be happy if you like FullSync but I won't be sad if you switch to something else.

    • Slackovado

      Slackovado - 2008-01-14

      Yes, I too used FullSync a few times.
      But if app isn't updated for a few month then I will not use it anymore.
      I think most people do the same.
      It's too bad since FullSync was a very promising app.

    • Matthew

      Matthew - 2008-01-14

      I love this app too.  I am willing to donate again if it was a supported app.  Best one I have found for Windows.


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