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Fuge 2.2 released!

With this version the license has changed to the less restrictive Zlib License. I have found it more appropriate for a library. Now the terms of using FUGE are much more simple: you can do anything you want with the library (including modifications) as long as it's still attributed to me and any of your modifications must be clearly marked as modifications.

As of more, ugh, code-oriented changes... The library is slowly drifting towards the completely new, modern look and feel. As a prelude, I have added fading effects to some controls. Also, all button-like elements are now highlighted when the mouse pointer moves over them, so that the GUI behaves more smoothly. If you don't like the new effects, you can turn them off.... read more

Posted by Piotr Bednaruk 2012-11-02 Labels: fuge release new version

Fuge 2.1 released!

First of all, I realized that project files for Visual Studio 2010 weren't up to date in the previous version of FUGE. I still use the old 2005 version, which has different format of project files (files in both formats are packaged with FUGE), so in order to provide the 2010 version I need to edit the files manually. An epic failure, as nowadays most people seem to be using VS 2010. I'll try not to make this mistake again.... read more

Posted by Piotr Bednaruk 2012-08-11 Labels: fuge release new version

Fuge 2.0 released!

The most important change is that this version compiles and runs under Linux. Some features have not been fully ported yet, but I'm working on it.

It may be quite surprising that the Linux version does not support internal OpenGL renderer. I had no time for it. Or maybe I just don't like OpenGL. Instead, Fuge 2.0 introduces brand software renderer, available both for Linux and Windows. It's damn slow, but at least it looks as fine as the DirectX renderer, which sadly isn't the case of the OpenGL renderer. Of course, the most important feature, the ability to integrate with a custom renderer, works on both platforms.... read more

Posted by Piotr Bednaruk 2012-03-25 Labels: fuge new version release

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