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Fuego is a collection of C++ libraries for developing software for the game of Go. It includes a Go player using Monte-Carlo tree search.

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Fuego running in GoGui on Linux

Project Members:

Towards Fuego 2.0

[Fuego Release Checklist]

Extra Documentation


[MctsGoLimitsTestData] for the paper S.-C. Huang and M. Müller, Investigating the Limits of Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods in Computer Go. Computers and Games 2013. 12 pp.

[SimulationPolicies] for the paper S. Fernando and M. Müller, Analyzing Simulations in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Game of Go. Computers and Games 2013. 12 pp.

Performance and Test Results

[ExperimentalResults] Results of experiments testing patches which change the Fuego code; and Fuego parameter studies

[FuegoVsOtherPrograms] Test results of matches between Fuego and other Go programs

[GamesPlayed] Some of the tournament and exhibition games played by Fuego against humans or other programs

For Developers

[HowToTest] Some information on how to test whether a proposed change in Fuego is effective

[UsefulScripts] Miscellaneous scripts for developing Fuego

[BuildingAnOpeningBook] How to build an opening book using the two types of book provided in Fuego

[GameTreeToSgfs] C++ program for splitting the tree created by Fuego, which contains all simulations, into separate files, one per simulation.



Information on Work to do






Wiki: BuildingAnOpeningBook
Wiki: ExperimentalResults
Wiki: FrequentlyAskedQuestions
Wiki: Fuego Release Checklist
Wiki: FuegoVsOtherPrograms
Wiki: GameTreeToSgfs
Wiki: GamesPlayed
Wiki: HowToTest
Wiki: HumanFriendly
Wiki: InspectingSimulations
Wiki: JapaneseRules
Wiki: MctsGoLimitsTestData
Wiki: ShowingTerritoryStatistics
Wiki: SimulationPolicies
Wiki: TimeControl
Wiki: UsefulScripts

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