#24 Downloading duplicity directly from duply



Firstly, thanks a lot for your great work with the duply. I am using it in a company, and it saves a lot of time and effort while doing backups.

However, I found it very frustrating when there is a need to install/upgrade duplicity and duply on dozens of different UNIX-like systems. I made a small addition to the duply which enables downloading and installation of duplicity. It is useful particularly when new version of duplicity is published, so there is no necessity to download/install package manually.

As I recently noticed, a download/install option is on duply TO-DO list, so maybe this one is what you need?
If you find it useful, consider adding it to the duply project.

Keep up the great work!


  • Kamil(ek)

    Kamil(ek) - 2012-12-06
  • ede

    ede - 2012-12-08

    would you be willing to develop this further so that
    1. it differs between root and ordinary users (users may not install to /usr but to ~), see http://duply.net/?title=Duply-documentation under TIP how to install it locally. i'd suggest to put it in ~/.duply/duplicity-<version>
    2. make duply select local installed duplicity's before global ones in PATH
    3. reuses duply TMP dir setting
    4. use a temporary filename for the download (the file might already exist in TMP but created by a different user, hence unwritable)
    5. implement it as command 'setup', ideally with a parameter <version> to install different dupilcity versions

    that's of the top of my hat. you'd probably need to provide a patch or a patched duply script for that.

    thanks for your commitment.. ede

  • Kamil(ek)

    Kamil(ek) - 2012-12-16

    ok, here's how it works now:

    1. as long as you are root, you may specify a path. in case of ordinary user the path is set to ~/.duply/duplicity with additional, non-obligatory parameter <version>.
    2. path for locally installed duplicity is held in LOCAL_DUPL_PATH in profile conf file. to make duply select it first i changed the order of '### read configuration' and '# check system environment' sections. looks like the change doesn't affect duply work.
    3. done.
    4. done (bash $RANDOM variable is used instead of mktemp. i found that mktemp behaves differently on e.g. HP-UX).
    5. done.

    ant other suggestions?

  • Kamil(ek)

    Kamil(ek) - 2012-12-16

    modified duply


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