#15 Patch for creating FTGL font from existing FT_Face handle


Added constructors for creating FTGL fonts from existing / external FT_Face handle. This is particularly use full if you want to create an application combining Qt for font discovery and selection and FTGL for font rendering. When creating an FTGL font instance from an existing FT_Face handle, the callee will be responsible to calling FT_Done_Face when cleanup is needed.

Since FT_Face already is a pointer to a struct in it self, FTFont now has an FT_Face member rather than an FT_Face* pointer, which seems like an overkill.

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Files affected by this patch:
M demo/FTGLDemo.cpp
M src/FTCharmap.cpp
M src/FTGL/FTGLExtrdFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTBufferFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTGLPolygonFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTGLPixmapFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTGLTextureFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTGLBitmapFont.h
M src/FTGL/FTGLOutlineFont.h
M src/FTFont/FTPolygonFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTOutlineFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTExtrudeFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTPixmapFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTPolygonFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTTextureFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTPixmapFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTTextureFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTBufferFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTBitmapFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTOutlineFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTExtrudeFontImpl.h
M src/FTFont/FTBufferFont.cpp
M src/FTFont/FTBitmapFont.cpp
M src/FTCleanup.cpp
M src/FTCleanup.h
M src/FTFace.cpp
M src/FTFace.h


  • jvlarring

    jvlarring - 2011-08-22
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • jvlarring

    jvlarring - 2011-08-22

    Hi there, is there any change of getting this patch included upstream anytime soon? The patch will make it possible to use Qt's font widgets and QFontDatabase together with FTGL. Thanks in advance.
    -- John

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2011-08-22

    Thanks for the bump. This patch is on the short list to get reviewed and integrated soon. That, then will be followed by an updated FTGL release. This tracker will get updated as soon as it's reviewed.


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