The ftgl documentation is really hard to grasp for me, and I am stuck without having built anything yet. If someone could help me with a short but complete working example, that would really help, and be appreciated.

So, I need to have extruded letters flying around in 3d space. I know how to make other objects fly around, so all I really need to know is how to draw an extruded letter in the scene.

I am thinking that I need the following two methods:

void initFtgl() {
    // load a font

void drawChar(char c, double height, double depth) {
    // draws this char from left to right on the x axis, chars pointing up the y axis, the direction of extrusion is parallel to the z axis
    // the height of the char should be as the parameter
    // the depth of the extrusion should be as the parameter

I hope someone could help me out with this.

Thomas, Denmark