I'm using FreeTypeGL to render system fonts in OpenGL using the below code (running on Windows).

    FTFont* pFont = new FTTextureFont(fontFile);

This worked very well for multiple fonts I initially tried.  I then tried "MS Sans Serif" ("C:\Windows\Fonts\SSERIFE.FON") initially with a point size of 8.

When calling FaceSize, the error flag FNT_Err_Invalid_Pixel_Size was set.  I asked about this initially on the FreeType list and someone suggested the problem was the default dpi of 72 was not correct for this font.

I tried changing my call to FaceSize to be the below, which passed in 96 dpi.

    res = GetDeviceCaps(refDC,LOGPIXELSY);

When doing this, it appeared to me not to have any affect in that 72 was still being passed to FreeType.  It looked to me like there was a bug in FTSize::CharSize.  See the below where I replaced the commented out line with the one below it.

bool FTSize::CharSize(FT_Face* face, unsigned int pointSize, unsigned int xRes, unsigned int yRes)
    if(size != pointSize || xResolution != xRes || yResolution != yRes)
//        err = FT_Set_Char_Size(*face, 0L, pointSize * 64, xResolution, yResolution);
        err = FT_Set_Char_Size(*face, 0L, pointSize * 64, xRes, yRes);

            ftFace = face;
            size = pointSize;
            xResolution = xRes;
            yResolution = yRes;
            ftSize = (*ftFace)->size;

    return !err;

Making this change resulted in the 96 getting passed through to FreeType.  Now the FaceSize "works", there's no error flagged.  However, when I try and call Advance to figure out the width of a text string, it crashes.

What's odd is that this works fine with other fonts (Times New Roman, Lucida Sans Unicode), but with "MS Sans Serif" its not working.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?