#53 Keybinding declaration system appears to have parsing issues


Not sure if this is just me - I've just started using FTE (it looks like the first editor I can associate with :D) - but I seem unable to bind CTRL+S to save files, like I'm used to. I have
key [C+S] { FileSave }
inside ui_k_fte.fte (I'm using the FTE UI and keybindings), and yet CTRL+S doesn't produce a happy "Wrote [...]." I know that I'm doing *something* right though, since replacing the S with a 0 does work.

I'm guessing that S is assumed to be a "special" character representing something like Shift, and as such isn't interpreted as as an "S". I don't know though, since I see [C+S] referenced elsewhere in the keybinding file.

My proposition for a fix if I have indeed guessed correctly is that the parser check for A[lt], S[hift], C[trl], etc, and when it finds these check if the character is at the end of the string, ie before the closing ]. In this way, stuff like [C+A+S+s] would work just fine.



  • Darin

    Darin - 2009-07-15

    Are you sure C+S isn't being reset to something else later? I have to ask, but did you delete your ~/.fterc file so it'll be rebuilt? Just checking the simple before I think about delving back into the code ;-)

  • Zdenek Kabelac

    Zdenek Kabelac - 2010-01-25

    Not really sure - but 'C+S' is IncrementalSearch - as could be seen in ui_k_fte.fte

    The only problem I could see is the usage in terminal - so unless you use current CVS version, then ctrl key sequences from various terminal are pretty much wrong.

    If you still see the problem with latest CVS version (2010-01-25) - please reopen this bug.

  • Zdenek Kabelac

    Zdenek Kabelac - 2010-01-25
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kabi
    • status: open --> closed

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