FTDI USB Serial Converter Driver / News: Recent posts

Updated webpage.

I've redone the web page to more closely reflect reality and hopefully answer questions that come up in the mailling list regularly.

Posted by Bill Ryder 2010-10-10

Released Thomas Jarosch bitbang/eeprom etc patches

I have split off Thomas's version of the 1.3.1 driver which includes bitbang, eeprom and latency support. This currently has some security vulnerabilities so be careful with it.

Also being hosted is Thomas's program to create eeproms for the ftdi.

Posted by Bill Ryder 2003-03-18

Release 1.3.0 driver version (BETA)

Only tested with 2.4.21 pre4 kernel so far.

Lots of fixes and performance improvements.

Prelease for testing before I add other peoples patches

Posted by Bill Ryder 2003-02-16

Releasing whole driver not just patches now.

The webpage will continue to have the submitted patch to linux but I am using the sourceforge file release service to release the entire driver. This should make it easier for people to use the driver on non-tested kernels.

Posted by Bill Ryder 2002-07-26