#42 Improve Download Checksum Comparisons


When downloading a file for which checksums are provided, the greatest security comes from checking all provided checksums for that file. It would be convenient to be able to use a "wizard" to select from a list of checksums, click Next, and then enter each of the checksums, in turn, for the selected algorithms, click Next, and have a display that reveals which checksums match and which do not (with "Good" in green and "Bad" in red, or with icons). The same thing could be done with files containing the checksums for the various algorithms.

The current interface requires selecting an algorithm, selecting a file, pasting a hash, computing the hash, checking for green hash text, deselecting the algorithm and selecting another, pasting another hash, computing the new hash, checking for green hash text, and so on. Alternatively, one must select multiple algorithms and compute them all in one pass and then manually compare the hashes. While the current functionality does work, it is less obvious and less convenient.


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