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    • jjoshua2

      jjoshua2 - 2007-11-20

      I figured out easily how to create checksums, but I can't figure out how to verify using anything besides md5 or crc once I have copied or burned my files. Does it support this? If it doesn't it should, because what is the use of being able to make 50+ different checksums if it can't verify to see that they haven't changed.

    • Thierry Micholt

      Thierry Micholt - 2007-11-20

      To do that, you can:

      1. use "Generate SFV/MD5", select to folder containing the files you want to burn. In the field "Save as", you specify the file where you want to save the checksums and click "Generate".
      To verify the integrity, use "Check files" and select the file previously generated.

      2. you can also use "Rename files". Add your files in the list, select a method and click "Rename". The checksum of the files will be added in the file name (Ex: movie.avi => movie[1A2B3C4E].avi). To verify the integrity, use "Calculate hashes/file", add your files and select the checksum used to rename your files. If the checksum generated is found in the file name, the checksum is green meaning it's ok.

      You can use the second option if the files can be renamed without any problems.


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