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FSTHost 1.6.0

  • Remove zeroize option (-z) - we'll always zeroize buffers
  • Control via TCP port ( e.g. via telnet )
  • Save TCP port number in /tmp/fsthost directory
  • Support for GTK2 or GTK3 or 0 for not GTK
  • SIGUSR2 to open vst editor
  • fsthost_ctrl - for remote control
  • Multiplugin support
  • Set port aliases as real plug "pin" names ( -A option )
  • Remove tempo ( -t ) command line option.
  • Remove BBT sync option ( -B ). Always use Jack BBT sync if available but leave old code as failback.
  • Connect MIDI to physical ports as default. Use -j ! for no connect
  • By default connect MIDI IN to all physical ports on each graph change
  • Rename -p to -M but which opposite meaning
  • Option -L display plugins only which the same arch like binnary. fsthost_list still display all plugins
  • Add -v option for verbose log
  • Add wine-staging support
  • Compile embedded editor feature only on demand (EE=1)
  • Each plugin processing can be separated from each other (-T mode)
  • Allow using "-p -" as separator while parse command line options
  • Bugfixes, syntax improvements etc.
Posted by The Xj 2016-01-06

FSTHost 1.5.4

Bugfix release.

Posted by The Xj 2014-01-23

FSTHost 1.5.3

  • Support for GTK3 ( GTK2 is still supported )
  • Propose path of file opened at start as default while save state
  • fsthost menu - perl version with GTK2/GTK3 support ( and with tray/status icon ;-)
  • aggregator - app for merge all fsthost windows into one ( not installed by default )
  • use wine ( win32 ) code when moving window ( instead of X tricks )
  • disable support for bbt_offset , because seems that some VST plugins does not like fractal values in barStartPos
  • do not zeroize outputs by default ( -z option )
  • XML DB - use shared file for 32/64 versions ( ~/.fsthost.xml )
  • Scan all dirs in VST_PATH recursively when building XML DB ( -g option )
  • Allow build 32 and 64 version independently
  • a lot of code refactoring
  • .... and a lot of other changes
Posted by The Xj 2013-12-17

FSTHost 1.5.2

  • Change environment variable FSTHOST_NOGUI to FSTHOST_GUI (support all 3 modes)
  • BuiltIn MIDI filter type
  • migration MIDI channel filter combo to MIDI filters
  • Add transposition spin button (shortcut for tranpose midi filter)
  • fsthost_list - tool to replace xmlint
  • Two ways (-B option) for JackTransport sync - tempo/sample position or BBT
  • JackTransport - respect bbt_offset
  • Simple script for repair Ubuntu lib32 symlinks
  • FPS files - Authenticate plugins using standard VST way uniqueID instead of string match
  • fixes, code improvements - as usual ;-)
Posted by The Xj 2013-06-06

FSTHost 1.5.1


New release of FSTHost contain:
- store plugin path, SysExID in FPS files
- fix for make install (LIB64 path - thanks to speps, AUR packager)
- JackSession - no more need to hardcode path to plugin in session command
- Midifilter window - fix ordering filters (first on top)
- get plugin path from XML DB database, also default paths to this db.
- Improve fsthost_menu
- manual page (prepared by Jof Thibaut, "Tango Studio" distribution maintainer)
- update README / fsthost usage
- add control MIDI ports for send/receive SysEx messages
- Work on a copy of Jack MIDI data (fix)
.. and some other minor improvements/fixes

Posted by The Xj 2013-04-20

FSTHost 1.5


I want to announce FSTHost 1.5.0 version. FSTHost is fst sucessor - app for M$ Win VST plugins.

  • Support Wine-LPA
  • Support for window resize
  • Handling case when Jack changed our client_name
  • Support for "self MIDI Program Change message handling" (-P option)
  • Do not process MIDI data if ports are disconnected
  • Editor window is centered
  • Buffering SysEx input messages and process them in non-RT thread
  • MIDI channel filter redirect messages to first channel
  • MIDI Filters - really simple window for build own filter chain
  • JackTransport improvements (tested with T-C-M VST and Hydrogen as master)
  • Support for 64 bit VST plugs... read more
Posted by The Xj 2013-04-08

FSTHost 1.4


Please find release 1.4 of FSTHost. Changes since 1.3:

  • Reorganize GTK GUI - replace texts by icons/tooltips and change widgets layout
  • Recursively scan directories and add results to FSTHost XML DB (-d option). I must admit that some parts/ideas of this code was available in fst, but was not used.
  • FSTHost Menu utility (fsthost_menu) for choose plugin. It can use zenity or dialog for generate list of available plugins. Use VST_PATH or FSTHost XML DB as data source.
  • Use Glib event loop instead of DummyWindow/SetTimer solution .. and one thread less now ;-)
  • Fix case when DISPLAY variable is empty (NonGUI mode) - just becuase we now doesn't create any window ;-)
  • Faster Bypass/Resume, Program Change - side effect of merge MainThread and EventThread *(from GUI or SysEx - MIDI CC is still delayed)
  • Autoconnect to all MIDI Out physical ports (e.g. testing plugins)
  • Disable GUI by FSTHOST_NOGUI environment variable
  • JackSession - improve error handling (set JackSessionSaveError flag)
  • Checkbox for choose between embedded or popup editor.
  • Add application icon (this is temporary icon)
  • A lot of small fixes/optimizations/cleanups etc.... read more
Posted by The Xj 2012-12-20

FSTHost 1.3


Please find release 1.3 of FSTHost. Changes since 1.2:

  • Makefile improvment for easier packaging (moslty for Arch) - it now use DESTDIR
  • Add option -N for auto-send SysEx when something change
  • Threads refactoring
  • Response for Sysex Dump Request only if it is addressed to us (i.e. UUID match)
  • Support for VSTPluginMain entry (mostly for Antialias VST)
  • ... like always .. fixes, improvments etc
  • This is probably the last version that using GTK "cover". Because of a lot of bugs and also unneeded dependency it will be replaced by ... something completely different ;-)
Posted by The Xj 2012-09-03

FSTHost 1.2


Please find release 1.2 of FSTHost. Changes since 1.1:

  • always handle SIGINT for clean quit
  • handle SIGUSR1 signal for save (ladish L1) - thanks to FalkXT (4concept) and jordan (4help)
  • SysEx dump
  • MIDI Identity request/reply messages support
  • JackSession - support for SaveAndQuit mode
  • simple "make install"
  • change state (Bypass/Resume) by MIDI CC (default 122)
  • MIDI IN / OUT ports are always available
  • simple CPU usage in GTK
  • remove non-ascii characters from program name - problem with GTK (Pro53 plugin).
  • nicer usage info
  • updates in vestige and lash code
  • bug fixes, optimizations, cleaning etc ..
Posted by The Xj 2012-06-29

FSTHost 1.1


Please find fsthost 1.1 version. Changes:

  • Support for FXB v2 files and other changes, mostly for VarietyOfSound plugins and RubbyTube, also fix Makefile

  • Volume control

  • Change binary name to fsthost.exe (request by FalkXT) for festige compatibility
  • Fix posible bug in bypass state
  • Load/Save MIDI channel in FPS
  • fix in tempo handling (when jack report 0BPM) (for GTG MX2008 support) (thanks to Chris Walton from KVR forum for help).
  • add come command line options (tempo, volume etc.)
  • handling SIGINT to clean close (in noGUI mode)
  • rewrite code for load libraries (correct support for VST_PATH)
  • default values for WINE_RT
  • and a lot other unvisible changes ;-)
Posted by The Xj 2012-06-08 Labels: FSTHost


Please find initial version 1.0 of FSTHost.

Posted by The Xj 2012-05-24