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0.92.0 - Fixed compilation problem

Version 0.92.0 fixes compilation problems on some Unix systems. GNU Autotools support removed, we are building via SCons now.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-06-16

0.91 - minor bugfixes

Fixed retry time 1s attacking of dead fsp sites

Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-07-24

major bugfix release 0.90.0


Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-02-25

Stable version 0.0.9

FSP client now supports all features of FSP protocols and locking
subsystem is fsp suite compatible.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2004-12-20

FSPclient 0.0.6

FSPclient 0.0.6 "Return of the King" is released. You can find the latest sourcetarballs on all known mirrors.

Now you can use the "dir" command as an alias for "ls -la" and all files with a
size over 2GB are listed with the korrekt size.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2003-12-18

First working version after 10 Years!

Enjoy fspclient. This software is come back into life again after 10 years.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2003-11-20