I have a use case where IPSec can not be utilized.  I am considering adapting FSP for usage in embedded devices and Peers (Windows and Linux).  There is some limitations of these embedded devices supporting IPSec, thus, my need to look to alternatives.  The use case requires usage of a UDP based File Transfer that provides security (Auth/Encryption) -- TCP based solution is not viable due to behaviors and performance in this particular wireless environment.  There are commercial solutions, however, I prefer the Open Source Path.  So, I am looking to potentially add DTLS to FSP, TFTP, or Other (?).  I am currently adding DTLS to FSP and NETKIT TFTP Packages as a prototype to assess operation and performance.  If the Project is willing to accept this Source, I/we are willing contribute -- I/we could make this configurable to operate in standard mode, or DTLS mode. 

What are your thoughts?  Would this be acceptable for incorporation into the Project as I/we would like to provide to the Project and OSS community for others to utilize.


Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 17:07:25 +0200
From: hsn@sendmail.cz
To: fsp-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [FSP-devel] FSPv3 Status - on hold

Dne 29.6.2010 0:12, Jeff Hawkins napsal(a):
Hi All,

I see in the FSPv3 Roadmap that Authentication/Encryption Support are envisioned.  Is this being worked on?
not worked on.
There is no current interest from commercial FSP users to support files over 4GB and add auth. Auth/encryption is solved via standard IPSEC infrastructure.

DTLS seems like a good solution for FSP since FSP is UDP based.  I assume this has been considered.... 

I am just trying to get an understanding of where FSPv3 is headed, and if I/we can contribute some effort towards getting the security into FSPv3 and contributed to the Project.
You need security in FSP which can not be provided by IPSEC layer? Please share your planned FSP usage.