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Holiday themed sprite apps

I'm thinking about doing something similar to fsh, but with holiday themed sprites, and not necessarily as fish. I've started refactoring the fsh code to pull the reusable parts into a separate library. For now, I'm planning on holiday apps for Halloween and Christmas. That should give me about a month to get each of them out, with another month or so improving them before the actual holiday arrives.... read more

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-09-07

More features!

I've just added some new features:
You can now have a trail of blood instead of just a single splash.
You can adjust the laser firing delay.

I've also made the predators ignore dead food if they're not eating.

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-09-05

Config utility

I've just posted the fshConfig utility. This JAR will open a window that lets you adjust the configuration parameters of fsh without having to edit the fsh.dat file by hand. I don't have the code for fshConfig in svn (yet), but it's pretty straightforward.

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-09-04


I've just updated the fsh.jar binary. Included in the latest version:

Laser sharks now prefer targeting ninja fish, and can "see" them from farther away.
Sharks are now more agile.
All predators have improved acceleration calculations. Meaning they're more likely to actually hit their target.
If two fsh that are capable of killing each other collide (within their kill areas), the bigger fsh wins. If the collision occurs in the kill area of only one of the fsh, that fsh wins.... read more

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-09-04

Updated binary file

I just posted the latest and greatest fsh jar file. This update includes the following:

Laser sharks
Predators will now eat dead fsh they pass - even if they wouldn't normally attack.

Code wise, I've renamed the FishType enum to SpriteType. I'm thinking about getting rid of it all together. I think I could replace it with an interface. I've already got one class per sprite type anyway, so I might as well reduce some clutter. I'll have to think about that.

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-08-31

Getting up and running

I've been working on fsh for a while now. I've been manually sharing it with some friends and co-workers, and they all seem to like it. We had joked about creating a support queue on our work system to track feature requests and bug reports, but never actually did it.

I decided to make fsh open source, and to host it here. Partially it's to help keep track of feature requests and bug fixes, and partially it's to give back to the open source community that has given me so many great apps.... read more

Posted by IdeaStorm Software 2012-08-29