SiavoshKC - 2010-06-25

This program tries to test FSB data transfer integrity. FSB is abbreviation for Front Side Bus. Generally Bus is the connection between hardware components. It has various types and protocols regarding its purpose. An important factor of  Bus is its speed. The connection between CPU and Main Memory (you may call it RAM) is the fastest Bus in a PC (excluding CPU internal Bus). There many good resources about FSB and Bus on web you may want to read. This Bus is also critical because change of one bit in transfers may crash the system or corrupt data. This Bus is usually protected by two methods of error prevention: Parity and ECC. Parity implementation is cheaper but only detects corruption, can't fix it. ECC in contrast detects and fixes errors.

FSBDIT program will write strings and numbers to Main Memory which means transfer from CPU to Main Memory. Then checks to see if they are saved in Memory as they originally were generated or not. It also acts as a stress test. You can run the test for days to see your PC stability using /td:4 command argument.