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DOS Frotz is back

Using the DOS user interface code from 2.32 and comparing it with DJGPP Frotz 2.40, I came up with something for plain old 16-bit DOS. DOS Frotz 2.43 is now available pre-compiled. I've also uploaded an updated source tarball which includes the DOS code.

Posted by David Griffith 2011-12-12


I've been monkeying around with the repositories. After a couple false starts, I've uploaded a Git repository containing DOS Frotz 2.32, Unix Frotz 2.32r2, xfrotz 2.32, dumb frotz 2.32, 2.40, 2.41, 2.42, 2.43, and the current master codebase. If you've cloned this Git repository before this announcement, please delete it and clone it again to make sure things line up nicely. The Subversion repository has been deactivated. Much thanks goes to Chris Madsen for walking me through Git.

Posted by David Griffith 2011-12-07

Hello again

I'm picking up Frotz again. I fixed some improper string handling and am now moving on to 64-bitness. Blorb works.

Posted by David Griffith 2011-11-27

We're not dead!

Just in case anyone thinks the Frotz project is dead... It's not. I'm in the middle of trying to find a job that pays more than what I made while working on my degree. Things like student loans need to be paid off and such. In a week I plan to release a detailed roadmap of what needs to be done for Frotz. Generally, Frotz just needs the GTK front end and Blorb implemented and then it can be considered mature. I've also been slowly adding changes from my own development tree that would have been Frotz 2.44 had I not moved things to Sourceforge.

Posted by David Griffith 2009-03-15

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