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Demonstration Friki installation moving to a new server

During early September 2004, the demonstration Friki installation will be moving to a new server (and a new URL) and upgrading to Friki 2.1.1. I will try my best to preserve any text changes made during this period, but please be aware that some minor edits may be lost.

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-09-03

Friki Wiki 2.1.1 Final now available

After more than a year of planning, and two months of feverish effort, the new stable version of Friki, the Java Wiki, is finally available.

Major new features include:

* a fully-externally-configured transformation engine, allowing all the details of how wiki pages are converted to HTML to be changed and added to without restarting the server or the application. Along the way we've fixed a whole bunch of formatting niggles.... read more

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-05-14

Major upgrade to Friki Wiki Engine

After a serious amount of work, Friki the popular and lightweight Java "wiki" application has emerged from a major internal rewrite, and is now in "beta".

Key changes include:

+ the most flexible "wiki translator" available, where all transformations can be modified, added or removed without rebuild.

+ incredibly simple installation: drop in a war file, the first time it runs it will ask one question, and it's running.... read more

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-04-07

First trial release of new wiki renderer

I had a small amount of feedback from the build changes I put in in Friki 2.0.7, so I have gone ahead and integrated the new wiki markup rendering engine (a.k.a the "Generic Way") and made some internationalisation changes as a first go at Friki 2.1.

Please download and try this if you have a few moments, I'd love to have some feedback and move on to a real release.

Thanks folks.

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-04-03

Friki 2.0.7a - please try it

After a gap of nearly a year I have finally released a new version of Friki. Although I planned to move to Friki 2.1 after 2.0.6, there were too many changes to take on in one bite, so in the meanwhile, here is 2.0.7

This version has two main aims: to greatly improve the buildability of Friki from source, and to bring it in line with the latest version of my "stringtree" utilities. These two changes should allow anyone to play with Friki, rather than wait for me to add features.... read more

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-04-01

Friki 2.0.6 final now released on sourceforge

I have now released the 2.0.6-5 beta version of Friki as 2.0.6-final on Sourceforge.

If you are still using a version before 2.0.6-5, I recommend you update to this one.

I am also about to rework the download page to fetch files from sourceforge and its mirrors to lighten the load on and reduce the amount of copying I have to do.... read more

Posted by Frank Carver 2003-05-24