Major upgrade to Friki Wiki Engine

After a serious amount of work, Friki the popular and lightweight Java "wiki" application has emerged from a major internal rewrite, and is now in "beta".

Key changes include:

+ the most flexible "wiki translator" available, where all transformations can be modified, added or removed without rebuild.

+ incredibly simple installation: drop in a war file, the first time it runs it will ask one question, and it's running.

+ fully i18n-friendly. All visible text may be customized after deployment without a rebuild, including URLs and buttons, all pages are stored, processed and presented in unicode.

+ single-click view of page differences since the last edit.

+ all this in a 160k war file - no multimegabyte downloads here.

Please check out the beta, and have your say in where we go next.

Posted by Frank Carver 2004-04-07

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