Friki 2.0.6 final now released on sourceforge

I have now released the 2.0.6-5 beta version of Friki as 2.0.6-final on Sourceforge.

If you are still using a version before 2.0.6-5, I recommend you update to this one.

I am also about to rework the download page to fetch files from sourceforge and its mirrors to lighten the load on and reduce the amount of copying I have to do.

Once this is in place I hope to move forward again toward 2.1.0.

For interest, I now have an externally-configurable wiki transformation engine roughly as described on the page, and a wiki transformation definition which passes all my regression tests. Within a few days I hope to make it available as a downloadable jar from the "stringtree" sourceforge project.

At the moment, I envisage Friki 2.1.0 as having both a pluggable transformation engine and a pluggable repository, so that full flexibility is available at "deploy time". We've had some good work done on JDBC page repositories recently, so I expect 2.1.0 will include a choice of files or database storage.

Thanks everyone.

Posted by Frank Carver 2003-05-24

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