#39 Domain cannot be derived from Union.


When I try to derive a domain from Union as follows:

Bug() : with
    stringify : % -> String
  == Union(Integer, Float, List(%)) add

... compiler gets confused. However this works well:

)abbrev domain BUG Bug
Bug() : with
    stringify : % -> String
  == add
    Rep := Union(Integer, Float, List(%)) 

I could use the latter but I'd like the domain to behave as an union with extra methods attached - i.e. I'd expect default construction / coercion rules for unions to be applied to this domain.

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  • Bill Page

    Bill Page - 2014-05-12

    Yes! I would like to click +1 for this bug, and similar use of other builtin domains.

  • Krystian Bacławski

    I only spotted those two, are there any others? Could you provide a list?

  • Krystian Bacławski

    Ok. While we'd like to keep Mapping a first class citizen, I'm having some doubts about it.

    Functions are usually a stateless "objects" unless you grabbed a closure. What'd be the semantics of delivering a domain from Mapping? What are your expectations?

    Last edit: Krystian Bacławski 2014-05-16

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