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Freya Engine 0.4 released

Freya Engine 0.4 is release for testing purposes. Linux (tested under RH7.2) bash scripts are included for running turns. Create a symbolic link from your Tomcat webpapps directory to the freya-working directory.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-04-19

'design' module in CVS

The new CVS design has be created to hold all the design documents written. Primarily this will hold Crystal Cavern information, but may also hold Basic game docs as well.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-04-11

Demo XSLT now uses CSS

The XSLT code in CVS (module xml) has been updated to use the CSS file found in xml/css

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-03-21

Demo web pages up!

A demo web page (which is like a screenshot) can be seen at...

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-03-19

Graphics module in CVS

Bruce Ordway has done some graphics for Crystal Caverns. They are in CVS in the module bruce-ordway.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-03-18

Source works with JDOM Beta 8

The latest source code package will work with JDOM beta 8, and runs faster using the new version.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-03-18

Freya gets CVS and split file releases

Freya Engine now lives in the sourceforge CVS tree. It also have been released as two seperate archives, source-code, which contains the Java and game-data that has the XML files.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-02-18

Freya Engine is made Open Source

I've been working on this code for over a year now, and I estimate about 3 months programming has gone into it. To get some much needed help and to open it up to other developers I've made it Open Source under the LGPL, so you can use it pretty much as you wish.

Posted by Sasha Bilton 2002-01-30