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JRARS Games Studio

I am in the process of looking for a team to make this must have exp in Visual C++ and Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net. This game will change depending how it turns out during the development process. If you would like to help sent me an email at with FoF-NxT Gen in the subject line all submissions without a subject will be deleted and not answered, also please word the email well so I can understand what you are talking about.

Emails must include:

1.Your Name
2.Exp in Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, or any other programming language you have EXP with.
3.Sample Source Code for the above programs
4.Area of the project you would like to work on.

Project Areas

1.Music Selection(Independent Artists Only)(To Showcase their music)
2.Song fretter/MIDI EXP Needed(Songs are MP3 files)
3.Menu Areas(Main, song selection, options, ECT.)
4.Website design which will be a flash based website with under construction)
5.Career Mode
6.PR person
7.Social Media Organizer(Facebook, Myspace, ECT.)
8.Marketing Person

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