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Frets on Fire / News: Recent posts

Frets on Fire 1.2.512 is out

A fresh version of Frets on Fire is out. This time around we focused on general bugfixes, performance improvements and making the game run more smoothly, especially on older computers. Only a few new features were introduced, most notably the support for importing songs from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.
If you used the Windows installer package of the previous version, please uninstall it before using this latest release.... read more

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-10-20

Frets On Fire status update

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-10-16

The World Charts server now expires old scores

In order to keep the database size manageable, the World Charts server now expires old scores automatically. For more information, see the following blog entry:

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-09-29

Charts Server address changed

Due to hosting issues beyond our control we needed to change the charts server to a different address. The charts web page can still be found at, but the game itself needs to be taught about the new score uploading address. You can find instructions on how to do this at:

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-05-25

Charts Server source code released

We've just released the first version of the World Charts server software. With it you can set up your own private score servers. Since this is the first public release, there may be some bugs left in the installation process. We'd appreciate it if you would let us know of any problems you might encounter.

More information about the server can be found at

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-05-19

Mac binary released for version 1.2.451

We've just uploaded the Mac OS X binary of the latest game version. Please note that this binary has only been tested on Intel Macs. Again, many thanks for Tero Pihlajakoski for helping out with the packaging effort.

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-05-18

Version 1.2.451 is out

We've just released a new version of the game containing a number of bugfixes, the most important being an improved tapping/HOPO system, which doesn't cause sporadic missed notes. The new system is Jürgen Approved(tm), and if it still doesn't suit you, you can turn it off from the game settings. Another fix is an improved audio engine, which should be more stable and perform better than the previous one.... read more

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-04-17

Website, bugfixes, etc.

As you might have noticed, our main website is down at the moment. Our webhost has some sort of silly firewall that block high traffic sites without a warning. We're trying to fix this issue at the moment.

In other news, a version of the game with properly working HOPOs/tappable notes will be out in the next few days. We're also adding fixes for the random crashing issue seen by some people. We also might have a nice little surprise in store for you :)... read more

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-04-12

1.2.438 binaries updated

The Linux binaries were updated with a fix for an XML parser error seen by some people. Also, some missing library dependencies were added.

An updated Mac binary was also released. It adds the PyOgg library for streaming and a workaround for a timidity crash.

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-04-03

Version 1.2.438 released

The new Frets on Fire release is now out. Highlights of this release include hammer-on/pull-off gameplay enhancement, song library support, new and improved graphics, smaller memory utilization and optimized performance. A detailed release note is available at

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2007-04-01

Broken Mac OS X binary fixed

The previous release contained a corrupted Mac OS X universal binary archive. A working version has just been uploaded to replace it.

Posted by Sami Kyöstilä 2006-12-21