Getting ogg to work in OS X

  • travisclodd

    travisclodd - 2007-10-14


    I was wondering how to get .ogg to work in os x. I have been searching for a few hours on how to do this and im not really good at using the terminal and i can't really find anything that could help me (most of the answers are about the windows version). So if someone could please post either a guide, a link to a guide, or or a .dmg with the .ogg already installed I would be forever in your debt.


    • PLag

      PLag - 2007-10-14

      Try installing XiphQT quicktime components to get ogg-vorbis files to play

      I dont recall installing it, and Frets on Fire works flawlessly on my OSX (well, works ok after doing all the steps to fix the 1.4x version as explained in the other thread (  I even have the xbox360 guitar hero controllers working fine there too...   ;-)

      But, for ogg... no idea.
      Maybe because I have "VLC" installed, probably it installed some missing codecs in the system.
      VLC is a must to have anyway, much more versatile than quicktime.

      • PLag

        PLag - 2007-10-15

        ok !

        Well, personally I searched on a common torrent search engine for a already ripped version of the songs (btw, i have Guitar Hero 2 for xb360... came with the guitar. so its "legit" AFAIK).  Search for "frets on fire", and there are tons of them.
        I heard that the operation is lengthy... so I didnt try ripping the game DVD for the songs.

        in any case, good luck

    • travisclodd

      travisclodd - 2007-10-15

      sorry i did not word that very well... what i meant to say was when importing songs from guitar hero it gives me an error saying that the .ogg (oggenc) is not installed. I was wondering how to install that.

      lol sorry for the confusion :)

    • expansion17

      expansion17 - 2008-01-02

      Are all mac users having this problem? Cos it's damn annoying. All my songs have both guitar.ogg and song.ogg files...

    • Ian Holzman

      Ian Holzman - 2009-01-27

      im having the same problems he is (says ogg file is not installed, it is,) but i have windows

    • Ian Holzman

      Ian Holzman - 2009-01-27

      nevermind i realized the problem


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