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Sideways frets

  • Puzzle

    Puzzle - 2008-03-31

    I got the game running on Mac OSX and it works fine, except all the fret rings are sideways, its almost impossible to see how may there in in a string of one note

    any idea how to fix this? im using 1.2.451 with parts from older versions to get it working like a post here explained



    • ruddyrum

      ruddyrum - 2008-06-22

      I have the same problem.... can anyone help?

    • ruddyrum

      ruddyrum - 2008-06-22

      Update:  From what i have been reading, sideways frets are a result of using an incorrect mod versions number. I am not using a mod, but will try one to see if this helps. Will post back with results!

    • ruddyrum

      ruddyrum - 2008-06-22

      Havent managed to find a working link for a decent mac mod... however during my search i found a FoF that works correctly


      This version gets rid of sideways frets. Hope this helps!

    • neilthecellist

      neilthecellist - 2008-06-22

      What the heck is a sideways fret? I read the OP post and still have no idea how to visualize such a problem in my head.

    • trinidude4

      trinidude4 - 2008-06-24

      I posted this in the other thread but am posting this here again:

      I got a universal binary of Frets on Fire 1.2.451 compiled here:
      I got different mods for Frets on Fire posted here:

      I have RFmod, UCmod, MFH-Alarian Mod, and Hering Mod compiled.

    • xbox360922

      xbox360922 - 2008-11-13

      What they are talking about with sideways frets is:

      It happens when you use notes from an older version with a newer version. (Such as notes from v1.1.324 with v1.2.512)


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