eth0 - 2007-04-20


I'm using the Linux 1.2.451 version of Frets On Fire. I set it up to upload my scores to the World Charts, but it doesn't seem to do it. When I finish a song, it shows the "Uploading score..." message and it disappears after about a second or two, but the score doesn't show up in the charts.

And it's a bummer because I made 188,006 points in TWIBMPG in Amazing difficulty! :'-(

I've tried replacing the URL in the fretsonfire.ini with, to which the one in the configuration file redirects. No luck.

Since I just updated from the previous version, I've tried moving my song directory to another place, downloading the full package and moving my songs back. Still no luck.

I don't know what else to check. Could you give me some hints?

Also, could it be possible to add an option and/or utility which uploaded the existing top scores in each song and difficulty to the charts?