The Future

  • Cousteau

    Cousteau - 2009-02-03

    This is how I think a FoF folder may look like in the future:

    script.txt (containing the lyrics)
    cd.png (a separate label for CD-shaped mods)
    video.ogg (background video)
    CREDITS (links, authors, thanks...)

    The .mid file may include several tracks:
    Track 1: guitar
    Track 2: bass (so you can select not only different levels, but instruments)
    Track 3: acoustic guitar
    Track 4: voice (for a Karaoke mode -SingStar-)
    Track 5: piano (why not?)
    Track 10: drums (for a DrumMania-like game)
    Track 16: steps? (Dance Dance Revolution)

    This way, the game would mix the features of most music games (Guitar Hero, Sing Star, DrumMania and possibly DDR). There are already free alternatives to some of these games (Frets On Fire, UltraStar, StepMania...) but it would be cool to have a game implementing all that features.

    • exploresalot

      exploresalot - 2009-06-02

      Really, I would love support for voice and 3-4 players. After that, the animations and stages. I bought GH3 for PC, and although the porting was done poorly, and support for downloads and add-ins was terrible, I love it solely for the stages and animated characters. I know that adding this will probably need to be done totally from scratch, so it'll be a long process, but even a different stage and characters (to avoid any copyrights, etc.) would be awesome!

      Also, a stupid question; is it possible to have multi-threading for PC/Mac/Linux? I'm currently using Windows and cannot recompile the source.


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