Multiple folder hierarchy

  • ZeXr0

    ZeXr0 - 2006-12-10

    It would be nice to add the possibility of adding groups to the folder, because as this will growth, users will have more than 1000 in the same folder, it would be nice to be able to separate these folder into sub-folder.

    • Anonymous - 2007-01-25

      I concur. I have a decent number of songs in my list and it takes quite some time to scroll through them all to find one.

    • Sami Kyöstilä

      Sami Kyöstilä - 2007-02-22

      Support for organizing songs into folders has now been added to SVN and will be included in the next release.

      • guardian34

        guardian34 - 2007-08-04

        Is this in version 1.2.451?

    • Chris Hoekstra

      Chris Hoekstra - 2007-11-17

      This is confirmed to be in 1.2.451.  However it only supports 1 level deep and crashes to the desktop with the error: "IndexError: list index out of range" when you try any more than 1 level deep.

      Too bad, I would like to have at least 2 levels deep myself.  Consider this an official request. :)

      • Evan Driscoll

        Evan Driscoll - 2008-01-19

        As a programmer, it doesn't make a lot of sense to make it 2 levels deep and not arbitrarily deep. (It's related to the fact that the only numbers to a programmer are "zero", "one", and "infinity" ;-).)

        With 1.2.512, multiple levels (at least two anyway) seem to work, with one caveat: there must be a song folder in each folder in each level. So for instance, the motivation why I wanted this feature (and was disappointed that it initially didn't appear to have it) was that I wanted to do an organization such as (hopefully the formatting will stay after I post this):
                 Shout at the devil/ [song folder]

        But naively this doesn't work, because songs/GH1 and songs/GH2 don't appear in the list. However, if you add a song folder to songs/GH2, then it WILL show up in the list, and if you navigate into it, set1 and set2 will appear.

        • Evan Driscoll

          Evan Driscoll - 2008-01-19

          Drat, it screwed up my formatting. [SourceForge really needs a 'preview' button.]

          The folder hierarchy should have been
          songs/GH2/set1/Shout at the devil/

          • Sami Kyöstilä

            Sami Kyöstilä - 2008-02-03

            This is now fixed in SVN head. All folders that either have some songs directly under them or contain a file called "library.ini" will be shown in the song browser.


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