OSGI Installation in Eclipse

Thomas Bayen

Installation of iDempiere in Eclipse

This document is part of my [Installation] guide.

I installed Version 7004:258e2dcb258c of iDempiere in Eclipse Helios (3.6) on my Debian Squeeze Linux System.

I followed this description from hengsin. I added my remarks when I stumbled on my way.

I read also http://www.banym.de/eclipse/build-the-idempiere-project-using-eclipse-with-buckminster from banym. It is very well done with lots of screenshots and gave me good advices.

Installing Eclipse

Use this Eclipse Helios (3.6) Download. It does not work with the newer Eclipse Indigo (3.7) as said by hengsin. When having already an Eclipse installation it may be worth it to install a new one to get rid of strange plugin dependency problems.

Start Eclipse, then install the following Plugins:
"Equinox Target Components" (from one of the pre-installed Update Sites)
"Buckminster" (from a pre-installed Update Site you have to activate through the "Available Software Sites" button) I clicked on the "Buckminster" group of Plugins

Downloading Sources

Buckminster has not yet a mercurial interface. So we have to download the code ourselves.

Looking at the iDempiere Repository I used the following command to check out a project clone to my own computer:

$ cd Projekte/Adempiere
$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere -U

This creates a clone with about 1,1GB. An updated clone (without the "-U" option takes about 1,4GB).

Now I copy the clone to a new workspace directory (you can use the first clone directly but I like to keep an untouched one). The clone is updated (no -U option) so the source code is directly available:

hg clone idempiere idempiere-workspace

Creating new Target Platform in Eclipse

Start Eclipse and point the workspace directory to the new clone (in my case: "idempiere-workspace"). When we start Eclipse you see no eclipse projects are defined. This will be done late by the buckminster tool.

Then I created (from shell) a directory "targetPlatform" and started the Preferences with "Plugin Development -> Target Platform". There I created a new Target Platform, I added the new location "${workspace_loc}/targetPlatform". Then I activated this new Platform.

I admit: In real I have no clue at all what this is about - I just followed banyms good work which includes many screenshots.

Starting Buckminster

I choosed "import..." form File menu. There I started "Materialize from Buckminster...". I browsed to the cquery file org.adempiere.sdk-feature/adempiere.cquery (you have to set the combobox at the bottom right to "*.cquery" to see the file).

After some minutes all projects are in eclipse and working.

Solving one last error

I had one error in the project "org.adempiere.ui.zk". The description in the "Problem" view of Eclipse told me that I had a java version with wrong capabilities.

I solved it in Eclipse's Preferences in "Java -> Installed JREs". I searched for installed JREs in "/usr/lib/jvm" (this is Debian Linux, you can also use "/", but this will take a while). Then I choosed "java-6-sun" as my standard JRE. At this moment the error disappeared.

What did not work

First I tried to install with Eclipse Indigo. This does not work regarding to hengsin's talk in this thread: https://sourceforge.net/p/red1/discussion/general/thread/e919c678/


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