#27 FreeWRL plugin doesn't show models, only gray background


FreeWRL plugin doesn't work properly in my system: it just displays light gray background.
At the same time it works fine as a stand-alone application.

My system:
Kubuntu 12.04, 64 bit
Firefox 12.0
freewrl 1.22.10 (installed via deb package)

Output in the console:
1338560737,401452: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_GetMIMEDescription
1338560737,401507: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_GetValue
1338560737,401538: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_GetValue
1338560737,402180: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_Initialize
1338560737,402927: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_New, argc 5NP_FULL
1338560737,403004: FreeWRL plugin: after memalloc
1338560737,403049: FreeWRL plugin: Pipe connection to FW_Plugin->interfacePipe failed plugin_main.c,759

1338560737,403075: FreeWRL plugin: Pipe created, PIPE_FREEWRLSIDE 15 PIPE_PLUGINSIDE 14
1338560737,403099: FreeWRL plugin: file pair created, SOCKET_1 17 SOCKET_2 16
1338560737,403122: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_New returning 0
1338560737,410548: FreeWRL plugin: start of NPP_SetWindow
1338560737,410610: FreeWRL plugin: file name in SetWindow is (null)
1338560737,410634: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_SetWindow, plugin display now is efb6f000
1338560737,410658: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_SetWindow, moz window is 4600001 childPID is 0
1338560737,410678: FreeWRL plugin: NPP_SetWindow, running FreeWRL here!
1338560737,410706: FreeWRL plugin: start of Run


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