#29 Console output in Aqua


In Aqua (v1.18.13) there is a Console Display drawer, available from the menu. It would be very nice if it actually contained the console output, rather than having this text only available in console.log (e.g. via the Console program).

I am guessing that this was the intention of this drawer. Currently the console drawer has no function that I can see (and/or it is undocumented and is not obvious to me).

So hopefully you already have this in your plans. If so I'd like to suggest the following behaviour:

1.) The test in the Console Display should duplicate, not replace the information sent to the console.log (which will be useful for crash reports etc.).

2.) The console drawer should open automatically for certain 'important' messages. One example would be the message...

Viewer handle_tick_exfly: could not open /tmp/inpdev for read, returning to EXAMINE mode.
See the FreeWRL man page for further details on the usage of Fly - External Sensor input mode.

...which easily gets lost on the user if it is just dumped to console.log



  • John Stewart

    John Stewart - 2007-01-30
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  • John Stewart

    John Stewart - 2007-09-20
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  • John Stewart

    John Stewart - 2007-09-20

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    Should now be complete; Sarah Dumoulin spent a good bit of time on this problem. The Console Log should remain on-screen, and should be readable. Note that some error messages don't go to the console log; hopefully these are now few and far between.

    I'm going to close this one, at least until someone has problems with the current way we do things.

    John Stewart.