#3 Freewrap hangs

Dave Clews

After using Freewrap without problem for several
weeks, it now hangs under Linux when I try to wrap
existing projects. Re-installing hasn't helped.

I have a feeling that Freewrap is trying to access some
temporary file somewhere. Under windows it reported
problems with the file _freewrap_init.txt and once this
was deleted, everything worked ok. I may have
mistakenly tried wrapping a project from root at some
point, but now as a normal user Freewrap cannot
access or overwrite a temp. file?

I've checked everything else, from file access through
to installing new. Find doesn't find a _freewrap_init.txt
under Linux or anything remotely like it.

A simple project, using just one tcl file and no file
listing, works OK. Existing projects, using a file to list
all files to wrap, don't. Freewrap hangs, a TK window
appears & once I kill the application I find a ZIP file in
the local directory that can even be executed but
contains just a core freewrap shell, no application.

I must admit I'm stumped at the moment. Any help
would be appreciated.

Last point - I transfer files back and forth between
Linux and Windows (usually to Windows) regularly.
Might have some bearing?


  • Dave Clews

    Dave Clews - 2003-01-19

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    Found the problem. Freewrap writes copies of files
    to /var/tmp and there I had a couple of files with root
    ownership that were then blocking wrapping from a normal
    user account.

  • Dave Clews

    Dave Clews - 2003-01-19
    • status: open --> closed


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