#458 filter the TV guide

Freevo 1.x series
A Mennucc

hi, this was posted as http://bugs.debian.org/529-39

The channels.conf that I generated from my new DVB-S receiver is enormous, and that is without even being subscribed to any paid channels.

In the freevo channel browser, with large TV-friendly fonts, it can be difficult to browse so many channels.

It is desirable to have all possible channels declared in the TV_CHANNELS config, but with a way of filtering them when browsing. The user could be given a choice of filters:

- show only channels that are preferred for the user's region (i.e. if the user is in London, exclude the regional channels)
- show only channels for selected genres (e.g. movies, sports)
- show only channels for which a program guide is available
- show only channels that meet program guide criteria (e.g. showing a movie that starts within 2 hours)
- show only channels on a user-defined list

If the user could combine or customise multiple filters using their remote, or save a preferred customisation for re-use later, that would be really useful.


  • John Molohan

    John Molohan - 2010-09-04


    One quick fix for viewing lots of channels is to remove the program description from the TV guide page and expand the listings area into that space. Obviously that's not an answer for everyone though. It would be nice to be able to toggle this view in a similar way to how you can currently toggle between difference views while browsing videos and music in some skins.

    There already is a genre plugin so you can achieve some of what you're looking for with that. Your other suggestions seem reasonable to me, I'd like the ability to be able to filter for all movies starting within 2 hours for e.g.


  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-09-30

    hi, the above link was misstyped, should read


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