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New releases and pages

New releases:

TengwarFormalUC.1.0 is based on Michal Nowakowski’s Tengwar Formal, but places the tengwar in the Personal Use Area of Unicode and uses Graphite and AAT.

FreeMonoTengwar.2010-06.11 includes improved Graphite support and new AAT support.... read more

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2010-06-11

FreeMonoTengwar 2010-01-20

New releases:

These two releases add Graphite support, as provided by Johan Winge. This makes all the fonts’ ligatures work in XeTeX and in the upcoming version 3.2 of

Follow-up changes to the webpages about the FreeMonoTengwar font and to the webpage about embedding tengwar on websites. The FreeMonoTengwar ligature support table has been updated. The embedding tengwar on websites samples have been renewed.

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2010-01-20


Bugfix release:

This fixes the width of U+200c ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER. Now it really has zero width.

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2009-12-31

FreeMonoTengwar 2009-12-30 release

New releases: – This introduces new ligatures for aha-tinco, hwesta-tinco and silme-aha. This release departs from the original GNU FreeFont FreeMono font, changing various punctuation signs so they fit in better with the tengwar and removing various character ranges. – This release is intended for website authors who want to embed the FreeMonoTengwar font on their website.... read more

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2009-12-30

Tengwar Telcontar 008

Johan Winge has joined the Free Tengwar Font Project and released a new version of Tengwar Telcontar:

There has also been a new release of the FreeMonoTengwar font:

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2009-12-21

FreeMonoTengwar 2009-10-03 release

This is a minor change from the initial 2009-09-21 release. The TTF and OTF files have been created with the "OpenType" option checked (thanks Johan for pointing this out!). I recommend this new release for Linux and Windows users. For Mac users, nothing should change.

Posted by j. 'mach' wust 2009-10-03

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