Jukka Santala - 2001-02-09

Well, now that the songprint 1.2 lib has been out for a little while, I'm wondering where's the matching version for eTantrum Personal Media Agent? The last version (for 1.1) doesn't work anyway, if I've understood correctly, because the server-addresses have changed.

Incidentally, I know it seems to go against the prelevalent open-source thinking, but how about providing pre-compiled binaries of the songprint lib releases, at least for Windows? Since the sample GUI code appears to require MFC libs from VC 6.0, it's impossible for developers who've failed to keep up to Microsofts latest releases to even try this stuff on Windows.

Incidentally... Are the MFC development headers etc. available anywhere as a free download? The Platform SDK doesn't appear to contain those. I guess compile with CygWin is always a possibility, especially since I understand the PMA source-code hasn't been openly published, altough many descriptions call it open-source.