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Slashdotted :)

FreeSQL is an attempt to allow access to Freenet via SQL. As CmdrTaco writes "The possible implications of this sort of utility are amazing." Woo hoo!

Well, now that we've been Slashdotted, I'd better get the latest code up! (Hey CmdrTaco - want to port Slash?) New features in this release: support for fcpget.exe (from\), better support for UNIX, auto-detection of many parameters, etc. Coming very soon: XML-RPC support, run as a daemon, full MySQL compatibility, integration with PHPLIB, port of Enzyme (, and ability to use on multiple computers at once, for a true distributed database. Feature requests that we could use some help with: DBD/DBI interface, mimicking mysqldump and mysql, porting to a non-perl implementation, and efficient XML-RPC support.

Posted by Eric Ries 2001-05-08

FreeSQL Achieves basic mysql compatibility

FreeSQL is coming along nicely. The interactive SQL parser is much improved, and we can now support SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE, and DELETE commands. The DB schema is stored in Freenet. We can also support primary and secondary keys (indexes) and, most importantly, we can now parse the output from mysqldump. That's right, you can dump your MySQL database to a file, and then read it in to FreeSQL. Your data will appear anonymous, secure, and distributed. It can be used across many machines simultaneously. Hopefully, this means that porting apps from MySQL to FreeSQL should be only a little while off...

Posted by Eric Ries 2001-05-06