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Status update - feb

I have some free time last days so I found old code of FreeSoccer and started to work on it again.

I'd like to give you some info about what's going on around.

1) Yake 0.2 is still not released and I'm pretty sure that I want to use it, so any tech-demo will not be released before 0.2 is ready.
2) API is quite ready for 0.1, I painted it, coded it, and I'm satisfied of it :)
3) As I'm working on Linux machine only, current code is Linux only ready. I want to make it cross-platform but I need a Windows coder for this.
4) I'm still missing designers, but it's not a problem yet because it can wait. A code is much more important now.
5) My current plan is to run a Wiki on and gather ideas for this game there. I hope to do this in this week.
6) The good thing is that in past months I was thinking about this game and I'm almost ready with a feature plan for FreeSoccer. So, I'll summarize it:... read more

Posted by Zbigniew Braniecki 2005-02-16


Hello everyone.
The goal is known, the way is long. In next week I'll add some docs and infos about current state and plans.
Wan't to help creating FreeSoccer? - send me email. I need for sure model designers, graphic designers, and sound effect masters. Coders are welcome as well :)

Posted by Zbigniew Braniecki 2004-08-27