installing problem

  • sherif

    sherif - 2011-05-09

    I have downloaded the project freeSms and i have problem with installing it. I
    have installed XAMP on my computer as root and no password. When trying to
    install free sms mysql it says invalid input. Any help???

    thanks before

  • mohgaza

    mohgaza - 2011-05-24

    Hi, it looks very nice project, thanks to all those who helped.

    I've the same problem ..!

    I've followed the instructions in install.txt file,

    It dosn't work :(

    Any help is highly appreciated.

  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2011-07-23


    There have been reported problems with FreeSMS installation on Windows.
    Currently the version from trunk has been tested with Wamp so I would
    recommend to try with the version from trunk. A new release should be made in
    the next couple of days. Also please note the an empty root password for MySQL
    server is not yet supported by FreeSMS so you should setup a new password
    before beginning the installation.



  • ankush Jasathia

    ankush Jasathia - 2016-05-24

    sir, i can't log into the system. Please help

  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2016-05-31

    Please follow the instructions found in install.txt file


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