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#9 Specify scale and resolution print/.bmp


I want to print a part of the developed plates view and part of the linesplan view at a specific scale. The interface seems to let me specify a scale at which to send the whole view to the printer (but it only prints it centred on a single page, and doesn't do multiple sheets to print the whole thing at my scale). The alternative, and perhaps more useful, approach is to save the view as a bitmap. But the zoom-in/zoom-out tool goes by predefined increments and I can't seem to set a particular scale. I can save once, do some measurements, estimate what effective resolution I am getting, calculate the new number of pixels to save as, and repeat until I get a bitmap at the scale I want, but this is extremely tedious, I don't seem to be able to get better than about 0.25% off the scale I want, and anyway only seems to work with the whole view - whenever I am zoomed in to an area of interest I don't seem to get the view I expected saved to a bitmap (this latter issue is probably a bug?).

My purpose is to get the stem and stern profiles, and the end sections of my developed plates printed out lifesize (over several sheets of A4 paper) at a decent resolution which is sensible for my printer, such as 150 dpi, or even 75 dpi. Trying to get a sensible resolution for the whole boat so I can crop to the bit I want takes forever, and generates bitmaps of hundreds of megabytes (although the part I want to print, as a .png is only a few hundred kb).

Maybe this can be done already and my feature request is just a plea for better documentation ? It is a bit of struggle to find the way around the program as I must work in the unfamilar and unfriendly environment of a windows desktop...

Andy Waddington


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