Including Parts in Hydrostatic calculation

  • Flyinglow

    Flyinglow - 2006-08-05

    I imported a part, representing an engine, into a new layer. Unfortunately, the bulk of the hydrostatic values no longer show. Both the hydrostatics outputs are severely truncated. The intent of adding the part was evaluate the effect of the engine's mass in different positons on balance and LCG, so this is frustrating.

    I am guessing that the part needs to be attached in some way. What am I missing?

    I will try Anders plane insertion suggestions and see if I can get the results I am looking for that way but perhaps someone can suggest how to use the Parts feature and have the part (its layer) weights included in the hydrostatic calculations.



    • Flyinglow

      Flyinglow - 2006-08-06

      Well, I found a simple, practical work around for this.

      Before I get into the workaround, thanks to everyone involved with Freeship. it is a great tool and much appreciated.

      The reason for the question was that my project is a 24 foot pleasure/fishing boat with a self-bailing cockpit. The position of the the cockpit deck determines interior packaging and, ultimately, everything above the waterline as well. To know where to position the cockpit deck, I needed to know the waterline at max load and forward CG. Hence my desire for a simple way to move major masses (engine, batteries, fuel, passengers) around and see their affects.

      The workaround is actually fairly simple and practical. Simply extrude surfaces from the keel or gunwale edges, put them in separate layers and adjust the layer settings to give you the appropriate weight. If you assign the weight only to a second extrusion off the keel or gunwale, that surface can be easily moved to reposition the mass.

      The trick is that the these surfaces cannot overlap each other or the hydrostatic calculationsĀ  don't seem to work, so keep the surfaces compact and thicknesses small and use the layer density to get your desired weight.



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