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    KOEZE - 2006-08-30

    OK So I've built me a model of a ship using a scanned linesplan as a background. Model start to like the way it should. I'm now trying to get the hull faired.

    Now I have a number of questions.
    1. How can I add a deck that is not at the edge of a face?
    I found a French tutorial that show how to create a deck by "Create new control faces by extruding selected boundery edges".
    Unfortunately I cannot use that method since I modelled in the Freeboard (part of the hull that rises above the deck.
    The decks of this ship all end in a crease in the hull.

    2. How do I make sure that parts of the hull are flat?
    The hull I'm making is a combo of a bottom section that is curved in all direction right up to a crease. From this crease to the next the hull is developble, the next section as well.

    Since English is not my main language I'll post a like to an internet page with photo's showing the hull during maintenance. This also illustrates how round the lower part is and what I mean by flat.

    Erik Jan

    • Flyinglow

      Flyinglow - 2006-08-30

      There are two ways to add a deck. You can insert a plane under the Point menu drop down. However, this will extend the full length, width or height of the model.

      Alternatively, you can create a horizontal face by extruding an edge in the horizontal direction and saving it as a part. Then import that part and extend and position it it to form your deck (the part will be separate from the rest of the model).

      To make sure a surface is flat you can simply set all points to same value in the plane you wish to be flat. If there are a lot of points, this can get cumbersome. You can speed up the process by selecting a group of points and using the Point/Align command. This will line up all the selected points to form a straight line between the first and last point. However, since it tries to straighten out the line in all three planes, it will sometimes move points to positions you do not want them to move to.


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