• gianlisi

    gianlisi - 2006-10-30

    Hi Marven,

    I just finished writing a VPP. I would like to ask you whether you would be interested in including it in you program (or providing an interface to it). It uses lots of data provide by your hydrostatic calculations. I would like to publish it on the web as a stand alone program too, but its not really user friendly so far!

    The VPP is based on the DSYHS as presented by Keunig and Sommenberg in 1999 CSYS for the Hydro part and on the theory presented in Principles of Yacht Design (Larrsons & Elliason) for the Aerodynamic part, but it won't took me long to let it use users provided data, for example Michlet's resistance data (for the hydro part, at least). Starting ideas is from PCSail, by Robert Beck and Dave Martin.

    It's written in Matlab, as it's the only programming language where I found an optimization function able to do what I need. I should be able to compile it in an exe file. The only problem is I can do it only with a Matlab at my university (it's part of my thesis) and I don't know if this can prove out to be a problem about licence or things like that.

    Of course it's not really accurate so far. At least it gives results that seems to make sense. I have no experimental data so far to compare with it and not enough experience. Maybe it has to be checked first...

    Anyway... thanks for your wonderful program!


    • Pilotech

      Pilotech - 2006-11-06

      Hi Gianluca
      I have imported the details of the 35' yacht that I sail into Freeship. This to redesign the bow and stern and maybe the rocker to improve the yachts speed-recourses. The results fro Freeship and Michlet seems very close to the experienced results from real life. If ypou want the files to simulate your program, I can mail them to you.
      Morten (pilotech@gmail.com)

      • gianlisi

        gianlisi - 2006-11-07

        Hi Morten!

        I would be really pleased to have experimental data to work on.

        My mail is gianmail (at) gmail.com

        I will mail the results back, if you may be interested

        Many thanks



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